i used to be dead but now i' gay

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I’m not too big on parties / Never know what to say / Everywhere I stand / I seem to be in somebody’s way
Well, I don’t mind conversation / Or a friendly chat / But to stand alone in a crowded room
I’m not too big on that

I'm not too big on dancing / To somebody else's tune / They'll fill your head / As if it was / Some hot air balloon
Til' you're too big for your britches / Too big for your hat / Til' your own Mother don't recognize you
I'm not too big on that

I’m not too big on talking / If my mind ain’t worked it out
It’s the best to have people think you’re dumb / Than to speak and remove all doubt / And I’ve no plans / To be wearing out your welcome mat
For you know I’d never want to make you sorry / I’m not too big on that

Having a hard time sleeping sound / (Believe it or not) / Having a hard time keeping it down / (All this food for thought)

(Ron Sexsmith tells the story of my life)

see / hear / html

englisch / kunst lk (i rock)

music ♥ the libertines

(ich bin schon immer nur auf wenig gegenliebe gestoßen)